Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty is the surgery done to a nose. It is a plastic surgery procedure that is done to correct the defects of a person’s nose and breathing problems. It can also be done to reconstruct the nose thus restoring its functions and enhancing the appearance. This procedure changes the shape, size and the angle of the nose and helps in making it proportional to the rest of the face.


If you desire to change the appearance or function of your nose, rhinoplasty procedures enhance the following:
– the nose size in proportion to the face.
– Nasal asymmetry.
– Nostrils that are large or wide.
– Nose structure with visible bumps or depressions.
– Wide nose at the bridge or according to the position of the nostrils.
There are several techniques that are used to do this procedure but it is the surgeon who decides. If you want to have the procedure done, you are advised to visit a surgeon who then decides on the technique to use on the basis of what you expect in terms of risks, recovery time and also the cost of the procedure. The surgeon also tells you what to expect after the surgery according to your face and nose structure.
The Rhinoplasty procedures are done as outpatient procedures meaning it is a one day job that can be performed either at the hospital, surgeon’s office or in a surgical clinic. It takes about one to two hours depending on the work to be done It is carried under general or local anesthetic.
The surgeon makes incisions inside the nose for easy access of the cartilage and bones. If you are having a procedure to thin the tip of your nose, incisions are made at the base of the septum. If the procedure is to narrow the nose, incisions are made on both sides. The bones and cartilage can be arranged, shaped or removed according to the technique used and tissues may also be added. After the surgery is done, the surgeon then places a splint outside the nose to support it as it heals and help in retaining the new shape.
After the surgery the patient will be advised to take the following precautions for better results:
1. Avoid facial expressions that are extreme like smiling or laughing too much.
2. When brushing teeth, do it in a gentle manner to avoid numerous movements of the upper lip.
3. Wear clothes that are open at the front to avoid pulling them over your face.
4. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and other food rich in fiber to avoid constipation. Constipation makes someone strain thus causing pressure.
5. Take baths instead of showers when you have the bandages and avoid blowing your nose.
6. Avoid tiresome activities and exercises such as jogging and do not put eyeglasses on top of your nose for at least four weeks after the surgery.
7. Avoid too much sun or use sunscreen since it can cause permanent and irregular discoloration of your nose skin.


After the surgery you may experience some problems which include:

– Bruising and swellings around the eyes and the nose though they disappears after some days.
– Bleeding.
– Nasal blockage which is usually caused by the swellings inside the nose.
– Complications from the anesthesia used.
– Injury to the septum. Septum is the wall separating the nostrils.
– Infections though antibiotics may be given to reduce chances of getting infected.
– Skin problems like tissue breakdown and other complications may occur due to the grafting materials used.
– Irritation from the bandages used.
The results of this procedure are permanent though some complications like injuries may alter the results. It is also advisable for adults only since a nose that is still developing will still change the appearance of the nose. For females, they can have the surgery from 16 years while in males, they can have the procedure from 18 years. Patients may also experience scars though this depends on the type of the technique used.
In conclusion, rhinoplasty procedures are highly considered since they improve someone self esteem. They also give you a chance to have your problems corrected and also have your desired nose type. Though there may be some problems incurred, it enhances your nose shape, size and angle increasing your self confidence.


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