Miami Beach Ear Nose and Throat Doctors in South Beach

The ENT treatment of Miami is really awesome. It not only provides the people there with the diagnostics of ear, nose and throat but also provides proper treatment and care for the ENT problems. The Miami beach ear nose throat doctor also provides ENT care and treatment for the children or Pediatric ENT Care and Treatment and much more.

Ear care

The most important problems of the ear are Earaches, Earwax, and Tinnitus.

Earaches: the inflammation that occurs in the middle ear due to some sort of infection is known as Otitis Media. It generally occurs in one or both the ears of the children and is responsible for the loss of hearing. It causes a severe earache and also delays the development of speech in children. It is also known to impair their capacity of learning. The general tests along with the other medications that the miami ear nose throat doctor will prescribe are Audiogram and Tympanogram

Earwax: earwax or cerumen in normal amounts coats the skin of the ear canal and also acts as a water repellent. Many of the people are seen to have a blockage with the earwax against the eardrum which makes a tendency to probe the ear with cotton buds, bobby pins and many other things which only pushes the wax deeper inside. If the home remedies for the wax removal does not work the ENT should be consulted who will provide with ear drops and medication which will soften the wax and clear the ear canal. The microscopic visualization is also used by specialists for cleaning the ear wax.

Tinnitus: It occurs when the microscopic endings of the nerve responsible for hearing in the inner ear get damaged. It damages the capacity of hearing. There is no specific treatment for this as it is caused for a number of reasons. The determination of the cause may include the tests of X-Ray, balance test, and other laboratory work. Medications are several and varied which are used to see whether the problem decreases.

Nose care

The common problems with the nose are Nosebleeds, Post Nasal Drip, Sinusitis and Stuffy Nose.

Nosebleeds: It is quite common and both anterior and posterior nose bleed occurs. They usually occur in the dry climates during the winter and when the nasal membranes get dehydrated. If the problem is serious a specialist should be consulted and the Miami beach ear nose throat doctor will examine the nose carefully using an endoscope before making any recommendations on treatment. The two most common treatments are packing the nose and cautery.

Post Nasal Drip: The feeling of the accumulation of mucus in the throat coming from the back of the nose is known as post-nasal drip. Several problems in the human body are responsible for this. Before treating this, the doctor would go for a correct and detailed diagnosis of the ear, nose and throat through the endoscopic and X-ray studies. Sometimes drugs and nasal drops are also provided.

Sinusitis: Bacterial sinusitis is caused by the bacterial infection in the sinus cavities. This requires the diagnosis and treatment of an ENT with antibiotics for preventing future complications. Acute sinusitis is caused by the cold when the sinuses are not able to drain the mucus in the nasal passages leading to congestion and infection. The ENT generally performs the x-ray of the sinuses and can also test the nasal discharge for treating it.

Stuffy Nose: Stuffy nose and nasal congestion is one of the biggest problems with a nose that man faces. The ENT will conduct different tests of the nasal disorders before treating it.

Throat and voice care

For managing voice problems the ENT should be consulted as voice serves as the vocal signature of every individual. The common problems with throat are Hoarseness, Snoring, and Tonsils and Adenoids.

Hoarseness: Hoarseness usually occurs due to cold and the Miami beach ear nose throat doctor along with the speech pathologists can treat the different causes of hoarseness.

Snoring: It mostly occurs in overweight persons and is a sign of obstructed breathing. For curing heavy snoring, an otolaryngologist should be consulted with who will go through the examination of nose, throat, mouth, neck and palate.

Tonsils & Adenoids: The common problems that affect the tonsils and Adenoids are the recurrent infections in the throat and ear. It causes obstruction during breathing and swallowing and also disturbs sleep. The options of best treatment are suggested by the Miami beach ear nose throat doctor.